October 18, 2008
By Samantha Tschirgi, Elkader, IA

Calm and peaceful
reflecting light
shows me my reflection
is home to many creatures
Yes, I'm talking about a river

Rivers flow, and rivers run
they can be beautiful
but they can be destructive

Raging waters
can soar out of its banks
flowing rapidly, uncontrollably
they surge forward
towards home, and buildings
It's an incredible sight

Not stopping for anything or anyone
taking one thing and then another
roads covered in the murky mess
houses destroyed, some gone

The whole community working together
to fight back
But their work seems to be useless.
The waters rise, not wanting to crest

Finally after days it stops and slowly
it seeps back into it banks
calmly flowing just like usual.
It's like it never happened

But everyone knows it did,


The author's comments:
Recently, the small town I live was affected by a large flood. Many homes, small bussiness, and the school I attend were damaged by the worst flood I have ever witnessed. The waters raged, and most the physically abled people in town gathered and started to sand bag. Our town tried to fight the flood but our work didn't stop it. Many peoples homes were destroyed and so were bussiness. My friends, me, and other people in town went into the basements of bussinesses and we all tried to help clean up the flood mess. It's now a couple months after the June flood and our town is still recovering. This is what inspired me to write Incredible.

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