As I Dream

October 18, 2008
By Molly Kirschner BRONZE, Montvale, New Jersey
Molly Kirschner BRONZE, Montvale, New Jersey
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The Searing flame inside me
Despite the presence
of the ever-crashing wave-
The wash of grey-green that crests
In a majestic, sky-reaching arc,
Though it harbors premonitions
Of its inevitable imminent demise,
Bound to occur in mere moments.
It will explode
In a storm of white sea foam
Relinquishing itself
Unwillingly to the unknown.
Still it swirls ominously, menacingly
And all too forbodingly.
Images of life spin
Through the eyes of raging death.
The murky sea sees only the flame,
and the desire is overwhelming.
Fire glows
A star in the blackness
Water conquers
All in its reach
But it has already succumbed to itself
Darkness fades
Into the surreal picture
of all-enveloping nothingness
Perhaps I, too, fall into it
As I dream
Of a single flame
Flickering through the depths of the water.

The author's comments:
This poem is about death- about the characteristics and the texture of death. It represents death's thoughts- death's hopelessness- as it lashes out desperately to overtake that which simply cannot be conquered... life. Death is a mere illusion in that may deprive one of a conscious state of being, but the day has yet to come when death shall erase one's existance entirely from the infinite cycle of time. Nothing, as proven by the way that fire, even in its extinction, thrives with immeasurable passion, can ever be shattered or faded without its own consent.

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