Salt In The Wound

October 18, 2008
By hanna9991 BRONZE, Doyle, Tennessee
hanna9991 BRONZE, Doyle, Tennessee
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Stinging, burning, fiery hot pain
All because you left as quickly as you came
Pathetic, restless, beat down and torn
All because, my heart, on my sleeve it was worn
Teary eyes, runny nose, I'm a disaster
All because I chased you, but you chased her faster
Darkness reigns, memories torment
All because I thought you were heaven sent
My mind aches, my heart is sore
All because I thought your smile was to die for
So protective, not letting anyone in
All because with you, I could not win
Falling apart, my life is no longer finely tuned
All because I keep pouring salt in this wound.

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