Your Lost Little Plant

October 18, 2008
By NkaujMosThoj SILVER, Appleton, Wisconsin
NkaujMosThoj SILVER, Appleton, Wisconsin
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Never hiding from you
Why did you all the way?
Said your promises
And made them fake
Stoping me from doing
All the things that
You didn't want to see
But you indeed pleased your way
Pleased the way, and did the things
You didn't want to see from me
Never did I speak up, nor did I say
But I thought you wanted it this way
At least a smiles on your face, I'd say
I'd scarifice a fall for all
The things you did
And that for sure is not a play
You thought I was bored
But surely you just didn't wait to see
To realize, to hear what I'd share
Just before you let'd it go
Just before you left me out
In the cold, down this dark hole
Never have I asked for anything
Except for your lost little plant
Called, "Love".

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