Blunders in Life

October 18, 2008
Droplets of water slowly stream down the contours of my face ending at the corners of my mouth before I taste the saltiness. I think about all the ways things could have been, should have been. Everyone makes mistakes, but I seem to make the biggest ones. I can’t even speak the word that has shaped my life into darkness. I weep for all the things that could have been, my life full of happiness. Tears may keep falling, but nothing will change the past. Mistakes are what make us who we are. There is no doubt about who I am even though I may doubt myself at times. I appear stoic, but inside I am fragile. It is a façade that I must show because I am too afraid. I accept my mistakes, but will I be able to get over the obstacles that seem to keep coming? I must, for it is what I’ve always done. It’s nature’s way of giving us strength to face even more. So my tears will dry and I will continue on, but will I ever learn?

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