October 17, 2008
By Victor Veron, Hopkinton, MA

Gettin' stuck with a needle
Oh what a good feeling
At the Doctors office laying unconscious
still bleeding
Constant looks of fear from the doctors as I keep dreaming
dreaming of eating because I didn't eat anything but breakfast
and that's what I'm needing
at 5:30 already I want to be leaving
as I come back to Earth and become conscious
I receive looks that are decieving.
I passed out for 10 minutes this evening,
the rest of the day 'till now
has no meaning,
head still ringing
and the world spinning
is what I'm seeing,
I felt dose of death,
and God must agree,
back to what matters I feel better at least,
all I want is peace,
is blacking out a disease?
I now hate needles
so don't show me one please,
give me the keys so I can crash and be deceased;
stole it from the dealer
and drove East;
I hate the doctors office-
it's too damn clean.
Well there's my story of a fun time,
now it's lunch time, but
I can't even see the sunshine,
waking up at sunrise and forgetting about today cuz I don't mind.

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