Lost In Your Kiss

October 17, 2008
A brief blinding flash of light
Faded to abstract visions
My heart experienced intense stimulation
Causing the loss of my self-composition

I felt intense forces from my chest
Beating with vibration of my body
Every beat, increasing unstableness
As I felt my knees melting violently

No! I felt no cold though I felt shivers
Instead there was warmth around my shoulders
Yet my pores closed, fingers felt numbed
I liked the feeling; I liked it so much…

My eyes opened; realizing I wasn’t sleeping
And if I was, then I could still be dreaming
MY self-consciousness suddenly strangled me
Making me aware your lips was planting a kiss on me

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Imma_smile said...
Oct. 24, 2008 at 4:44 am
nice one! keep it up!
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