Texted His Way

October 17, 2008
By Megan Pittman, Carlsbad, CA

It all started with a text
It just happened
Desperate for a relationship, I just went ahead and let it happen
He said the three words I was desperate to hear:
I like you.
Not I love you
Not I want to date you
Not I want to get to know you better
Just "I like you"
Who could ever know how powerful and entrancing those words were to me
Other than myself
We talked (or should I say texted)
Talked about getting together
My head was screaming "I don't want this! I barely know you!"
But my heart was chanting "But someone has finally let you know that there's someone out there who likes you"
No more teasing
Or flirting
Or wondering
Just texting
I couldn't tell my parents, they wouldn't approve
He schedules a date
I lie to my parents saying I need to go to a club meeting
He cancels the date
I lie saying the club meeting was postponed
A few days later, same thing
He schedules a date, I lie
He cancels a date, I lie
This goes on for what seems like forever
What I craved and longed for the most became my own trap
I don't want this anymore
He doesn't need it, only wants it
And he got it
By texting his way to my heart.

The author's comments:
This really happened, but only lasted a week. I couldn't believe I let some random guy I barely knew get inside my head. I finally told my mom the truth and I ended my "relationship". If thats what you want to call it.

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