Just One Candle

October 17, 2008
A single candle
Brightening away the shadows
Creepy wind sounds flowing by
Darkness surrounding the candle
Every body is sleeping except me
Fear every sound that passes by me
Glowing candle like an endless light
Howling wolves roaming the woods
Insanely shivering of fear
Just me in the room with the candle and the spirits
Keeping away from screaming
Loud screaming going through my head
Midnight sky with a full moon
Nobody's around to help me
Only i can try to escape by myself
Pressure going through my legs and they freeze
Quickly time is passing by
Ripped curtains on the windows
Spider webs on the walls
Tonight will be the night
Unless darkness takes me away with it's spirits
Very tensing moments going to my mind
Will i live or die?
X-rays taken in my heart randomly to see if I'am alright
Yellow candle has finally wasted
Zap!!! It was just a nightmare !

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