Blue Violin

October 17, 2008
Strings pulled and plucked
I thought I meet you out of luck
Hearing music play so sweet and softly
Ignoring all the lies around me
Listening to your song so strong and sweet
You definitely swept me of my feet
But along with you came your Blue Violin
And the heart ache that never seemed to end
The song I play
The song of sorrow and love
The song of you and the wonderfully dreadful year

Black clarinet
Adding to this duet
Notes perfect and right
Hide the stories behind these brown eyes
But when you're Blue Violin came making the song bright
I knew that you would be right
In my arms
In my heart
And in my song
You pulled me out of my slump
You gave me a push
To try something new
To open up to you
To have you hold me close
And to never let go of you

Blue Violin and Black Clarinet
Playing in perfect harmony
Just you and me
Completing this duet
With our life's debts
Now I sit here and remember
How you saved me
From my evil misery
From the nightmares that haunted me
How you pulled me up
From the ground
How I was the one you found...

Now I listen to your song
Strong and Proud
I play my part
And you play yours
Strings plucked
Notes played
I found you out of look
I was the one you saved

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