Falling Tree Leaves

October 17, 2008
By Shanna Carter BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
Shanna Carter BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
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A leaf gently and gracefully twirls down from above, I try to make out which tree it might have fallen from but can never accomplish it and become distracted by the next leaf ballerina. As they descend I make a game out of where it will land. From the bridge where I stand playing my game I can see almost exactly where I think my performers will end. They land so delicately with no harm done to their fragile little yellow bodies. When my fall colored entertainers land in the water it is by far my favorite, they do not splash but gently disturb the water and make it ripple as if to say “hello friend” and then make their way relaxed as they are with the flow of the current. The ones that made their new home on the soft muddy bank seem to envy those just out of their reach in the lazy water because they will see new things while they on the bank will watch forever, but really it does not matter because none of them are alone

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