October 17, 2008
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I present for your consideration,
I, with all my radiant imperfections
Peel back my suit of sable stained skin,
My armored hide, toothy grin
My face for the world

Expose the muscle beneath
Straining, grinding, twisting, vibrating,
Inner strength?
Simply sinews
Remnants of something,
Someone long past

Tear away the writhing wall of muscle
Reveal the death-white bone
Chiseled, sculpted, fluid
Chipped, pockmarked, eroded

Grind them to dust
Bare my spirit,
Watch, watch it pulse
Watch it throb
Watch it ebb
Watch it grow
Watch it shrink
Watch it expand, contract, pound caress, tremble glow, engulf, dim, fade, and extinguish

Search for my soul
The final piece,
That which is me
Hunt for it
Plunder the vast reaches of my mind
Pillage the bottomless pools of my eyes
Burn away the chaff of skin and muscle and bone and spirit
Find my core
For I?
I cannot
And I have been disassembled

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