A Place

October 17, 2008
By Deanna Wage, Fairport, NY

People talk too much today
And I try to find a way
To ignore and put on a happy face
But all i can do is cry and pace
Sometimes they'll listen, sometime they wont
sometimes they'll spread rumors which i wish they dont
But i am too tired to fight
Too tired to listen
Too tired to sing
Too tired to dance
I just hope this phase won't last
I want a place away from everything
A place that's warm and oh so gentle
A place where no one cry's and no one's mad
A place where I can go and won't be sad
A place filled with music and all it's beauty
To remove the pain inside of me
To set my sould free
To soar above the sky
And not feel the need to cry
To be with my music, just it and me
To mend my heart and let my soul be free

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