November 13, 2013
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I don’t want your kisses

That linger slow warmth for hours
It sits on my tongue
As I taste your shower gel scent

Or the feel of your teeth
On the dot to dot pattern

That sits on my shaking jugular

I don’t want your arms

To slip around the small crease of my back
And slide me into our little jigsaw
To become pieces and slotted shapes

I don’t want your breath in my ear
That burns when your silk lips touch it
And make the back of my neck heat fire

I don’t want you to play with my hair
Create cat’s cradles out of soft split strands
And feel ice slip down my back
When your fingertips graze me
I don’t want to throw my dice in
And watch it spin in carousels

I don’t want to break the poker face
And let the lines on my eyes show

I don’t want to lose

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