Aral Would Have Saved Me

October 19, 2008
By Emily J. Harris, Westfield, NJ

I hope to see ten million years
Fade across the sea and maybe
As the salt sinks in as I float on the brim

Feel rebirth with each thunderstorm’s tears

I wish to feel the course of time a-passing
Ripple my soul and hold
That living without light isn’t all that dim
As nature has other ways of guiding

I dream to live within the waves
ingesting fluency of ages
and if I cant float, then I can swim
Aral’s torrents would have saved me

I live to find
Nature and humans intertwined
In buoyant, effervescent love

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the Russian Sea Aral, which, not so long ago, dissapeared due to it's high levels of salt. My greatest hero and friend is also my brother, Zachary, and his interest in Russian culture provided inspiration for this poem. Something as long-gone as a dried up sea can save someone from the depths of depression if they only allow themselves to feel hopeful. I hope this poem allows some one out there to feel hopeful about their futures despite all the roughness of adolescence

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