October 14, 2008
By Corinne Curcie BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Corinne Curcie BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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Eleven eleven, make a wish
Snuff the candle with frank relish
Put out the flame of your incessant pining
But be wary and wise with your defining.

You've 60 seconds to choose
With nothing but that time to lose
Or could you lose the opportunity?
Yet with that, you gain impunity
For what is a wish other than rules?
The illusions of perfection, or merely the ghouls?
Still, this is something you can't forfeit
So hurry up and think of it!

Only 30 seconds remain...
Precious time puts doubt to shame!
Anxiety is a tough burden to bear
But its easier to gab on without a care
So why are you afraid of a mistake?
There are plenty of other 11:11's to take.

“I wish to do many great things!”
'Great' could also mean horrifying.
“I wish to be the smartest person on earth!”
Expect your crowd to encounter a dearth.
“Then I wish to be what I wish to be!”
Isn't that cheating? How silly...

One one colon one one.
Maybe I should wish the minute done.
A simple wish shouldn't be this tough
Yet just a minute is not enough.
Do you dare to try?
Or just in silence defy?
Perhaps your silence is merely fear
That if you do wish, no one will hear.

The author's comments:
My conflicting feelings about wishing in general.

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