October 14, 2008
By britney brundage, Yelm, WA

As I put this pen to paper
I let my emotions go
On the black stained paper
My pain will flow
the lies scribbled down
dark as the night
sharp edged letters
expressing life's appalling fight
indecipherable scratches
from mistakes that were made
but into the surrounding words
the mistakes fade
my black teardrops
bleed through the white background
loneliness,happiness,sadness, and shame
now spread all around
what a wonderful release
to scribble away
liberating your body
from what you felt today
a crumpled piece of paper
deep in the trash now lies
holding a persons feelings
forgotten within days
but replaced with time
by more feelings thought
only once again
to be forgot
here my emotions
are permanently placed
never again
will they have to be faced
forgotten in the future
remembered in the past
the first thoughts
emphasized by the last
running like water
but thick as blood
hardly comprehensible
only by some it is understood

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