October 14, 2008
By Kitty Mew, New Prague, MN

The hurt in my heart,
It's to much to bear,
The sadness inside,
Cries me to sleep everynight,
Because I don't want to think,
About the thought that you might not even notice me,
Standong there as the rest of our group laugh,
But I just stand silent,
So when I'm alone, with no one around,
I cry,
It seems to help that wound in my heart,
But i go back and you havn't noticed that I look sad,
Or even that i had left at all,
Maybe you don't care,
But I wait,
Hoping that you notice my silence,
Or that solemn look in my eyes,
So that you ask what's wrong,
And so that I can tell you,
About all my pain, that you have put me through,
But you don't,
And when you are gone,
I cry.

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