i dont to wake up

October 14, 2008
By darrin frazier, Atwater, CA

lay in my bed chin shaking tears falling, pride breaking,
mistaking pain of present for pleasure of my past,
holding u tight when i close my swollen eyes,
wondering how long this dream will last,
i cast out all my shadows n fears of losing you my dear,
i pull tight to tha mental sight of u dressed in all white
and riding away with me into tha crimson sun setting
laffing to each other to others betting how long we will stay 2gether
looking into each others eyes saying let go?? ha ha ha never
i can see u, cheeks a soft red blush, hair curving an swaying
holding u against my softly beating chest just praying
to a higher power, to please leave u in my dreams just for another hour,
let my minds escape stay with u in an eternal nocternal date,
i never want to awake for then theres another day dealing with this pain
that makes my stone heart crumble to granite and break
i love u like tha night sky loves tha stars that shine,
and i love to watch u same way watches love to count time
i count u mine same as cakes count candles,
and i love sooo much how ur so hard to handle
like a wild mustang bein tamed and trained tha same day
ur heart gives me babii butterflies that i never want to fly away
to a place where ur love is not known, for a love like urz
is so warm its wat turns a house to a home
so please mr sand man, dont wake me this moment
just let me to continue to dream
with her hands with mine,
let me forever hold it

The author's comments:
i have never had poetry lessons, all i do is write real life situations that i have personally been through, from my mother going to prison, to my girlfriend of 5 years and i running away back to my childhood of being raised in a meth house. so everything you will ever read from me is truely from my life and completly real never exagerated except for my metaphores but the circumstance itself will be completly legit. thank u.


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