Complicated Sestina

October 14, 2008
By Alisha VandenEykel, Akeley, MN

The tears that have fallen
From my eyes only fall at Night
When I can breathe
And walk down the Block
Just to find somewhere to stay
For the time being until tomorrow I must leave

I have to leave
These people before I Fall
For their acts to make me Stay
Even if it is only for the Night
I have to Block

Every word they say so I can breathe

I have to catch my Breath
They just need to leave
So I don’t have to Block
Myself into this Fallen
City during the Night
They cannot force me to stay

Why should I have to stay?
They smother me with every breath
They take. Every night
That I lie awake they just need to leave
Me alone before they realize that im not fallen
For their acts anymore and I ran away down my block

I refuse to be blocked
By them so that I will stay
I know I am fallen
But that is no reason to cut off my air supply so that I can’t breathe
I have to leave
Soon so I can find my shining knight

He will let me Stay
So he can Block
All the evil things away from me until I feel that it is safe to Leave
Or maybe he will let me stay
Forever or at least until I feel I can Breathe
Hopefully by the time im ready the world around me will not have already Fallen

I have found my fallen dark knight
He helps me to breathe and blocks
Out the rest of the world so we can Stay until one day we are ready to leave

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