Don't Forget My Love 4 You

October 14, 2008
By Yesenia Rodriguez, Nashville, TN

You took my hand and walked me through the darkest path of my life.You showed me the way and took me into the light...Now you see my life so bright, in the good way you showed me it would be...I Love You in a good matter and not by force, and i want you to know that I'll always be there for you.No matter what.I know its confusing but its all real.Maybe we'll wake up and this will a just be a dream...Cause one day its glory, and your all happy,but it doesnt last long...Cause the next day you're all confused and don't understand anything or anyone...Your alone sad or maybe worried. But I'll always have you...And you better have me in mind.It doesn't matter in good times or bad.I'll always be with you.Maybe not right next to you ,but in heart, mind, and souli will...Always and 4ever!!!(NEVER 4GET)

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