So Close, But Yet So Far

October 17, 2008
By Anonymous

The day was warm, but my heart so cold
It was all a blurr as I had known
Him and me we were to be
Seeing eachother before I leave
We had a plan but it fell apart
So I cried and sat alone in the dark
But then my phone rang out of the blue
It was my love, he said i am comming to see you
It was mignight and my dad was asleep
I told him to be quiet, to not make a peep
I was nervous and didn't want to get caught
But it was him who i dearly sought
He told me go outside on you're back porch
He showed his cell phone like a glowing torch
I was exited to see from a distance, the love of my dreams
Suddenly my dad appeared, awoken from his sleep
He pushed me inside and I tryied to hide
What i was really doing outside
I ran upstairs and closed my door
That is when i felt my heart as cold as stone
I left my love wandering alone
Looking for me, to kiss before I go
I heard him start his car and drive away
There was so much i wanted to say
I couldn't sleep that night, my mind was racing
Through all the problems i would be facing
But if I could have just kissed him, one simple kiss
My heart would be full of bliss
But now i weep and remain alone
Becasue my dad has shut me out from the world I behold
If I had the chance with him I would run away
And not regret a single day
I wish I could see his face
And his sweet lips I could taste
I hear him start his car
WE were so close but yet so far

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