A Tribute

October 17, 2008
By James Doyle, Maitland, FL

I am losing someone I love
Someone who knows all my secrets
But never ever told
He loved all with a heart so pure
And had those eyes that made me so sure
That he would carry me through high school
Now my life is nothing but a dirty cesspool
Your death will tear this misshapen heart apart
Your death will destroy my tattered heart
You would never think a dog would mean so much
Until you see him dying on the floor
Why does this happen to him
He didn't deserve any of this pain
Why should it be the truly loving and innocent that die the painful death
There is no painkiller for this kind of pain
every smile after your death will be in vein
Everything seems so pointless now
Forever this crown will sit upon my head these thorns make a crown
A protector on the inside a man among animals
I only slept at night with him beside my bed
Now all I see is red
I'm hardwired to care without usually showing
And I don't think he'll die without knowing
That he was a good dog
No, the perfect dog and I will never forget him
I will never forget the day I had taken him home
At first I did not get him, so I constantly moaned
I never did that so my parents knew
And they said to me "he is coming home with you"
Now in his last days I will always remember
That I couldn't be with him in September
For my own selfish reasons
And my own stupid treason
Its so hard now to live
And myself I will never forgive
For not helping him longer throughout his sickness
And my head may have thickness
That your sympathy will never go through
It now all seems so rude
It's all so painful now

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