Fun Day

October 17, 2008
By Mike molinaro Molinaro, South Plainfield, NJ

I went to Pinapple express to have some fun with chris. My girlfriend was there and wanted to give me a kiss. But when she leaned in,i saw her nasty looking lips. It looked like she ate somethin crusty could it be chips.

When Bwil went to the movieshe saw me sitting there. When he walked over to me he gave me an evil stare. I got up from my seat and punched him in his face. He fell to the ground, broke his hand and had to get a brace.

When i retunred to my seatto go watch the movie. The music started blaring and things were getting groovy. Untill the magager came busting through the door.
Me and her were scared because we were not eighteen. And could not watch the movie without and parental being. But when he called us over we know we had been seen. When he kicked us out we knew he was mean.

So we left to white castle to go have soe more fun. to eat a thousand burgers lettuce tomato's and a bun. So we left the burger palace leaving with our cars. when i reached my house i was seeing stars. I laid on my bed just resting on my head. untill my freind came in and told there was a party as we speak. So i hoped out of my bed and began to streak.

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