Rock Band 2

October 17, 2008
A boy named Bob was truly desperate for Rock Band two.
He was so desperate that you will never have a clue.
Bob, he is known as being the best player in town.
But in school he is considere the biggest class clown.

Then he realized that he does not have enough ,money.
So then he asked his parents, and they laughed and said your funny.
He sat down and thiught of what can he possibly do.
Bob came up with an idea that can get him through.

He was going to negotiate a deal with his parents.
Bob's parents disagreed and said go ask Uncle Clearance.
Uncle Clearance said yes he will give him the money unless.
You beat me in a best two out of three game of speed chess.

Bob accepted the challenge and defeated.
When the game was over Bob jhad an evil grin.
He was very ecited he won the prize money.
That the way he defeated him was very funny.

Now that he had the money he wanted to relax.
So she turned on the tv and got a whole bowl of snacks.
While watching TV he had seen a Rock Band two commercial.
Bob was so upset that it left him uncontroversial.

The day has almost come and Bob is dying inside.
"If I don't get this game soon I might cry" he replied.
Bob tried to be good in school so he wont get in trouble
Cause if he does it will turn his plan into rubble.

The day has finally come and Bob was jumping out his oants.
He was so happy that he created a victory dance.
But the most drastic thing happend he lost his money.
Bob end up not getting Rock Band two and he felt crummy.

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