The Big Game

October 17, 2008
By Anonymous

It is a quarter to two, while I am sitting in class.
This is a course that i will probably not pass.
It is such a nice day for a soccer game outside of school.
Afterward the game I am going home to jump in my pool.

In English we are writing an essay and a poem too.
Although I hacve no idea what I really want to do.
It is very confusing I do not get it at all.
Maybe I should get on the phone and giver Mrs.Timko a call!

Getting anxious with it being the slowest time of day.
Wanting to be at my soccer game just so I could play.
With it raining out we will still be able to have the game.
Only rain will put it off, putting me to great shame.

Wanting to leaave for my soccer game, waiting for the bell.
Trying to write this paper is not going to well.
Not wanting to get up early and come into school this morning.
Although thinking of sitting at the game would be boring.

Finally, finally I hear the sound of the last bell.
Running out the door to get changed, I accidently fell!
I was a bit embarrassed and people did laugh at me.
Thisd did not stop me, for I got up to go take a pee!

Sprinting to the soccer field in the rain, with a wet butt.
Getting there early so that I could have warm-up cuts.
No one in sight yet while i am tying my shoes.
I hope in the game no one does bad to get any boos.

Twenty minutes go by as I warm-up for the big game.
Still no one is in sight as everything is looking the same.
I look to the road as a white truck pulls up, my coach walks out.
As he looks at me in confusion, what! I decide to yell out.

Standing in the pooring rain, hoping he is not mad.
Listening to what he had to say, made me very sad.
There was no game;they had announced it minutes after school.
I didnt know this because I had to run out like a fool!

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