October 17, 2008
By pete hemming, South Planfield, NJ

I was looking foward to basketball all day.
I was really, really excited to play well today.
I couldn't stop thinking about it all throughout class.
I really wanted to win, the first game was a big blast.

I ran to each of my classes as quickly as i could.
I knew if I was late again it wouldn't be good.
I quickly turnedthe corner in the social studies hall.
There i ran into a very big dirty blue wall.

In a daze, I sat, unaware of where i was.
I knew th proboem was bad as i sat there full of fuzz.
The next morning I knew I was in the emergency room.
My mother was beside me as they told me i was doomed.

I waited for the bad news after six hours in a bed.
The doctor finally came to examine me, i thought that i was dead.
He looked at me and sadly said no game for you today.
You'll have to wait for next week if you really want to play.

I jumped up out of bed and yelled out with dismay no way.
I ran down the halls looking for an exit. i wont stay.
I ran to the left and right confused to move along.
I know the exit was near as i sang a crazy song.

I ran across the wet lobby, running fast with my feet.
Before i knew what happened i heard someone calling Pete.
I recognzed the voice i had heard it before today.
It was my basketball coach who was standing in my way.

I knew the coach counted on me it was my time to win.
We tried to find a starter but it would be a big sin.
We had to cancel the first game we couldn't win alone.
We will have to save our first game for when you come back home.

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