The Relay

October 17, 2008
It's that time of year again the championships are here. The final relay is pumped; we need this win oh my dear. The relay is okay but the anchor is the best one. The first swimmers dive in and the crowd is loud, they are no done.

Our teams second swimmer dives in we are in the lead. It's a close race this time around this team needs this indeed. Our team is heading back this way almost at the wall. Look, our team is winning; our team is on the ball.

Once the third swimmer dives in they get an amazing time. The third person is swimming great they are going to shine. Now once the turn comes around she's heading back our way. The championships are on their way, this the best day.

This race is going to be easily told the winner. The crowd is leaving to go eat their dinner. When no one thought or team would win boy they proved us wrong. This team is so far ahead it's a good thing this pools long.

It all comes down to this, the wall is right there, we have this. As our team approaches the wall the swimmer can't miss. The crowd hopes this is the winner, their on the edge of there seats. The coaches are jumping so much they are off of their feet.

As the fourth swimmer dives in, the other team is close behind. The championships can be decided here oh, how kind. The fourth swimmer on the other team is not far at all. The teams are battling it out to touch the other wall.

It's down to the wire as the teams are out and about. Man oh man the other team is fast can we hold it out? Coming close to winning the other team has a chance. When it comes down to turn the other team wins and dance.

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