A Crave for the Cookie

October 17, 2008
I was watching TV and guess what I saw, a cookie.
And when I saw this cookie, I knew it was just for me.
This is the cookie, the new cookie that I want to eat.
Once I get to eat this cookie, I will be so complete.

Did anybody see this cookie, the marvelous one?
It would be great if I could get one and it would be fun.
To eat this wonderful cookie with chocolate chips on it.
I just can't wait to see how this fabulous cookie is.

Before I get this wish I want, I have to ask my mom.
But when I asked my mom, she just opened both of her palms.
And she said, "You are eighteen now and I don't pay for you."
I was really shocked to hear that, so i just cried "boo-hoo."

I cried and cried and told her that I really wanted it.
She said, "You are old enough now not to throw a big fit."
"But I have no dollar bills for this masterpiece of dough."
All she did was stare and say so, "I know, I know, I know!"

Before I went to school that day, I had nothing to eat.
I was so very hungry that I could eat big pig feet.
My lunch period is in the eighth period you see.
I should have eaten breakfast, I will stay hungry indeed.

It is so hard to not think of that glorious cookie.
Like I have been saying, this cookie looks so good you see.
But how am I supposed to get this treat without the change.
Why won't my mother give me any money, this is lame.

When I got home from school that day, my mom had some good news.
"I've decided to give you money, since you bought me shoes."
I was so excited to hear what she had to say now.
I was also very, very happy, I did not frown.

I went to the store where the cookie was supposed to be.
And there were some surprising news not expected for me.
I went up to the cashier and asked for the good cookie.
He said in a sad voice, "There's no more cookies, I'm sorry!"

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