A Rainy Day

October 17, 2008
By Nicholas DeMarco, South Plainfield, NJ

I really wanted to go outside and play today but I couldn't,
When I was about to walk out the door my mother said I shouldn't.
I asked my mother why can't I go out and play today,
She said why go out on this very rainy day.

But as I proceeded to say I really want to ride my bike today,
But my mother insisted that I do it on a sunny day.
So while all my friends got to go out and play in the rain,
I was stuck inside about to go insane.

I proceeded to yell at my mother from my room,
And out of nowhere we heard a gigantic boom.
After the loud roar I thought my roof was goin to fall,
Oh my mother was so scared she came running down ther hall.

After all the commotion we saw a bright light glare through the glass,
Hallelujah the sun finally came out and shines its light on the grass.
With no clouds insite may I please go out and play tonight,
Proceed with care my mother said I will keep you in my site.

While all having fun in the sun we heard a small roar in the distance,
As soon as we heard it we all thought to go inside that instance.
But we continued to play not thinking what was coming our way,
We all thought why there is so much rain in the month of May.

Oh the clouds are coming and it started to drizzle,
As we ride down the street we hope the rain will fizzle.
We were wet and muddy and had so much fun,
Here comes my mother saying my son my son.

After the day was over my mother smiled,
My mother said after all that was your day wild.
My friends and I laughed about this very long day,
We all agreed that this one of the best days i have to say.

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