The Rivalry Game

October 17, 2008
I woke up and thought finally Tuesday is here.
My mom yells, today is the game so don't forget your softball gear.
Today we play our rival, the biggest enemy of all.
They got some power hitters that can hit right to the wall.

The worst part of the day is waiting for the game.
Waiting is like trying to get a wild lion tame.
When I got to the school i saw the rest of the team.
We talked about how winning this would achieve our dream.

And now the first bell of the school day has rang.
Coach yells down the hall, you're pitching today Sam Lang.
Throughout the day in school, I could not concentrate.
The team also hopes we don't show up to the fields too late.

It seems to me that the day is going by so slow.
If only the bus was here and we could just go.
We are finally in the last period of the day.
If only this was a home game and not so far away.

The team gets to leave class by a quarter after two.
We wish we could already be there but there's nothing we can do.
Once we had all changed and everyone was ready.
We got all pumped up and the hearts were beating not so steady.

When we got outside the bus was already at the school.
On the bus we saw a sign that said "Go Tigers You Rule!"
My coach told us how he had a lot of faith in us.
Then i heard a weird noise that came from under the bus.

I looked around and saw a worried look on everyone's face.
Coach said "Don't worry we will get there, its not a race."
The bust driver went to check the loud noise out.
When she took a while we all had some doubt.

The bus driver came and said the bus was broken.
The whole team kind of figured before she had even spoken.
There is no way we could get to the softball field now.
The tiger softball team felt like having a cow.

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