My Big Test

October 17, 2008
By Alice Hernandez, South Plainfield, NJ

Ive studied all day and night for the big algebra test.
I missed out on dinner and my room is a big mess.
I haven't talked to my best friend all day or all night.
At ten, my mom came in and told me to turn out the light.

The next morning, I awoke in a rush, my alram clock didnt ring.
Also on my walk to school this kid thought we had a fling.
When i got to school I went o my locker to get my stuff.
Then the kid next to me would not shut the fudge up.

In my first period we had a surprise quiz.
Then all of a sudden I hear someone yell "She is cheating" she was Liz.
Then Spainsh class came and I knew we had a test.
But then when I was taking the test I heard a noisy pest.

In buisiness class we had to take long and boring notes.
But I spent that whole period thinking about big pink boats.
Then it was lunch and boy was I in a rush!
Ans then my friend casey came and told me she had to take the bus.

History is such a fun class with all my friends.
And for some odd reason we ending up talking about dens.
When the bell rang I knew I only had to periods till math.
During gym, i was walking with this girl and I wish she took a bath.

In the locker room gettin dress Amanada pointed out her bra was teal.
And then I said "Man that must have been a great deal."
Before going to algebra, Jen and I went to getv a drink.
We also overheard some nerds talking about an internet link.

Then Mr.Correia PAssed me my test, I went blank.
I didn't know what to do I knew I was going to tank.
But luckly everything came back to me, it took me 10 mintues to finsh it.
I knew everything was going to go good because of my celver wit.

The next day we got our tests back and I got a big shock.
Turns out I failed it some of the kids were mean and mocked me.
And then the bell rang and I went up to my teacher.
I asked him why i failed; he said I stuided the wrong chapter.

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