Bad Day

October 17, 2008
By stephen slatky, South Plain Field, NJ

A guy named phil could not wiat to get his thrill.
He picked up the phone but he did not have the will.
Someone picked up and asked are you there?
All phil could do is a blank stare.

Phil finally answered and said one big pie with extra cheese.
No problem yout pizza will be there by three.
Phil could not wiat he already had out a plate.
It was a quarter to three and there was not time to wiat.

Somebody loudly knowcked on the door. Phil almost fell stright to the floor.
He opened the door to see nothing great.
It was his neighbor trying to sell him some plates.

He quickly closed the door he could not wait.
He started to get hungry he wanted to eat a chocolate cake.
He got really mad they were almost late.
After dinner Phil was going to go on a date.

He picked up the phone and called the pizza polar.
They said the pizza guy was only at the harbor.
There was not time to wait phil had to get ready for his date.

As he was walking up the stairs he started to sing.
Then all of a sudden he heard a ding.
He ran to the door as fast as he could.
Thepizza guy was there just like the polar said he would.

He was finally here it was such a big thrill.
The only thing he could do is stand still.
He took the box into the other room, and there he saw the pizza.
It was the wronge order, there was a tear in his eye.

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