October 17, 2008
By Jena Roland, Lexington, OH

His eyes are glossy
glazed over with tears
they are lost
He lost his father and his mother
He has no one
he is an orphan
The cuts on his wrist
they show the pain
The flow with blood
He finds a girl
He likes this girl
He falls in love
His eyes become clearer
the gloss goes away
and the sadness dissipates
He finds his way home
but the sadness still remains
but his happiness is stronger

The author's comments:
This piece represents something. It is not true but it does represent something. My father passed away and I am afraid that my mother will too. I am afraid this will happen to me but I know that if it does I will find someone to love. I will find someone to take the "gloss" from my eyes.
I believe that no matter how bad a messed up a person is there is always someone out tyhere to help take the pain away. We just have to search for them

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