remember the love

October 17, 2008
By danenon burnett, Weymouth, MA

Days come and days end
but the thought of my heart going up and down
makes me put on a frown
see the dreams I have are of me and you falling in and out of love
remember the fun times we had
the days where I made you smile
the day where we got sad
no matter what I was your Romeo and you where my Juliet
I was your sky you where my sun
You where the path of my joy and happiness
We pretend to be our future and past
You where the heart I was the soul
Remember the fun we had
I do I remember everything about you
Your glowing eyes and your bright smile
I realize what I said was wrong
but for you to do the thing you did
made me forget who I was and who I am
but now my I will remember for now comes the end
but my love for you is hard for I am no fool
but remember that I will always love you

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