The Greatest Game

October 17, 2008
Henry loves to play video games he is a gamer/Best gamer in his town he is known as the game tamer/Anybody you ask will say that henry is the best/When a new game comes out he is barely put to the test//That is what henry was doing waiting for a new game/Everybody was waiting for the game, all doing the same/Henry was waiting in line but last in line which wa bad/Being last in line was the worstHenyy was really mad//Henry was thinking he might not get the great nrw game/Being last in line made Henry sad and put him to shame/The line moved fast but nowhere near as fast as it should be/The store was running out of games fast as henry could see/Henry eventually made it to the front of the line/Not many people were in front of him he should be fine/Henry was up and was told he would get the last one/He asked how many they had left and they said they had none//When Henry heard the word none he thought they meant after him/He thought they must mean after him but his chances were slim/Henry thought he was getting a new game that might change now/The clerk came back and handed Henry the game he thought how//Running home he thought to himself that this game would be great/To henry getting this game was like him gatting a date/He was almost home all that was on his mind was the game.This game was said to be hard what if it was just the same//If this game was the same he would have no problem at all/Henry got home, ripped off the cover and walked down the hall/He got in his bedroom and opened the new games cool case/Henry got really mad when he saw nothing in his face

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