My Mall Day

October 17, 2008
This was the only day when my smile turned upside down.
It was a sunny day then there was rain showering town.
My dad had asked me if I want to go to the mall.
At the same time my brother had overheard in the hall.

Then my little brother and I loudly shouted and screamed.
For a minute there, I thought this was a crazy dream.
After that we had tried to decide which store to go to.
Our first attempt was when we took a map's view.

Though me and my tiny little brother's attempts were no good at mall.
We trip over each other and had a great big fall.
We continued to fight, until my dad came in and said thats enough you guys.
Later on me and my brother still haven't decide so then we improvise.

We said to each other when we go to the mall we just walk around.
There was a long pause of silence even though I wanted to jumped up and down.
Afterwards we started some tv and relax a bit.
Moments on I was bored so I try to call my friend Brit.

The first call didn't go through so I tried the second time.
As I try the second time, I got a soda flavored lemon-lime.
Two hours have past by when we were about to leave.
The sun went bye-bye and the clouds started to heave.

Many clouds were in this town but my brother and I prayed for our mall day.
We wnted to shout out hooray hooray!!
Although we didn't noticethe weather, we were too excited for the mall.
All of a sudden a thunderstorm had roared, I said to myself its nothing at all.

We hoped and we prayed that it will be sunny and nice.
Taking a chance like this was like rolling a dice.
In the end me and my brother didn't go to the mall so we cried that day.
Until, another mall day had came this way.

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