The Worst Summer Ever????

October 17, 2008
By Anonymous

It was summer vacation and all that was able to do was go to my friends house and hang out.

This summer was the worst ever because there was really nothing to do and everyone was out except me that was actually not able to really go out.
Times went by slow nothing to do all my friends ended up going somewhere for their vacation.

I was so upset that i wasn't able to do anything at all today.
Jessica called finally something to do, but all she talked about was about her day.
Great like it wasn't good enouhg i just wanted to scream out that i didn't care at this moment.
But I couldn't do that to her even though I was upset that i couldn' go out.

As the week went by I thought that my day was the worst out of all.
All I could think was that I wanted to go to the mall.
I felt like yelling out why they didn't even take me.

I overheard noe of my friends that they were going to throw a big party and invite everyone they possibly knew.
A party I wondered I got frusterated because I waited and waited so they will tell me but they never even told me about it.
How horrible I actually felt because I thought that my friends didn't like me no more.
Mylife was horrible that day no more I can take.

I couldn't take it anymore there was nothing to do everyone was at the party except me.
The door bell rang I wondered who it was this late , it was some opf my friends waiting out the door for me.
I was going to decide not to open the door but i did instead.
Everyone came in and sat down and we all talked.

I was mad and upset with my friends after everything I thouht they came amd tell me about the party.
But they didn't instead we had our own little party.
I forgot about everythig else and it also turned out that there wasn't a party.

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