Shoes for Sale

October 17, 2008
By khadijia gilmore, South Plainfield, NJ

I was walking in the mall and i walked past a window/ The shoes were calling my name and saying im not for show/ I turned around to look inside and saw the perfect pair/ I reached deeply for money but found two lint balls of hair//I did not have some money to buy the cute pair of shoes/ I started to feel sad and did not know what to do/ I realized i did not have any money to spend/ I really wanted these shoes so i can start a new trend// I am pacing up and down thinking of a master plan/ Maybe I could talk to the hot dog man/ Finding
a job that pays well will not be very easy/ I talked to a manager but he was a big meany// I am still searching for a job when i got an idea/ Look for a big store sign that says employees needed here/ I turned the corner to find what i was looking for/ Then i got the feeling of not being sad anymore// Starting the job is helping me finish my hard mission/ I had to be really focused as if i was fishing/ The good news is that they payed you at the end of each day/ This should work out only if I did it all my way// I was being treated nicely and really enjoyed it/ If it got any harder I might have caught a fit/ The day is almost over and I'm waiting anxiously/ I hope the pay is good because the shoes are really pricey// The day is taking long and I'm feeling really tired/ I cannot help but think I'm lucky for getting hired/ I take my last costumer and my shift is finally done/ Now i can get those perfect shoes and have some real fun// The job is done and I can finally get my paycheck/ I said goodbye to all the cool people i just met/ I went to the store and started shopping about/ When i went to buy the shoes the clerk said it was sold out

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