A Long Ride

October 17, 2008
By Ashanti Bishop, South Plainfield, NJ

Today is the day I have to go to the local mall/ There's a sale at Macy's for all the new clothes of the fall/ Everyone is working so I have no way to get there/ I could walk to the mall but I don't have the time to spare// I call my mother to see if she can get home in time/ I could grab the car keys but that is committing a crime/ Then a great thought popped in my head I could just take my bike/ It would be tiring but better than taking a hike// I got my bike out of the garage and started down the street/ I brought some cold water so I don't pass out in this heat/ My only wish is that it does not get cloudy and rain/ My legs are getting tired and devoloping this pain// I check the time and I have a half an hour to go/ I just wish this little bike does not have to go so slow/ I am taking all the back routes and the long winding roads/ I'm thinking of the earring I want some silver some gold// I stopped the bike and decided to take a water break/ That's when I realized my back and neck was starting to ache/ That is when I decided to give my mother a call/ And suddenly I lost my balance and started to fall// I put back the cold water and tried to tie my shoelace/ I'm running out of time so I have to pick up the pace/ Riding up a big hill peddling as fast as I can/ The sun is beating down on me I might get a suntan// This bicycle ride is so long that I'm starting to sweat/ I wave to my neighbor who's walking her exotic pet/ I finally see the mall and get really excited/ That is when the train track bars started beeping and lighted//

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