One Crazy Day

October 17, 2008
By Chelsea Watson, South Plainfield, NJ

On one saturday when the rain was coming down/The only thing on my face was a big old frown/At one point I heard footsteps coming from the hall/Soon my mom walked in and asked if i wanted to go to the mall// As my sister walked in and heard the question /She said of course with no hestitation/ We got ready in our prepared for the rain clothes/ Yet I soon forgot that I had a runny nose//As we piled in the car we got very wet/ We all tried to hesitate in fringing our very sad pet/ As we rode in the car we all looked at the gas price/ And we all thought that that wasn't very nice// We still tried to get to our final destination/ Yet my mom tried to drive and drive without any hesitation/ Soon we heard the car start to roar/And my mom got out and began to explore// My mom soon found out that we ran out of gas/And soon my sister and I got out and sat in the grass/ My mom soon pulled out her cell phone/So she soon began to walk and talk alone// Soon a man came and took our car to a gas station/And we got excited because we now could to our destination/I soon called my friend and invited her to the mall/But she turned me down for the game of baseball// As we were at the mall we went to many places/ And saw all kinds of different faces/we had alot of fun but know it was time to go/ But still went to stores to and fro// Evem though the day was almost over//I'm sure we would remember this day forever

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