Waiting For Lunch

October 17, 2008
By ryan hughes, South Plainfield, NJ

I woke up for school and forgot to eat.
So i was unconfortable in my school seat.
My lunch period was at the end of the day.
So I have to wait the whole day until i have to pay.

The day was so long it seemed like it wasn't going to end.
But then it took a drmatic bend.
Now since period three is over the day seemed to go by fast.
I hope the rest of the day doesn't go as slow as the past.

Although i still have four more periods to go
The day seems not to be going slow.
All my classes seemed to be going well.
I don't have any homework yet thats swell.

I am almost at lunch and my stomach starts to growl.
As my history teacher begins to scowl.
I am one period away from starting to eat.
As i begin to lose feeling in feet.

As the bell rings i am so delighted
I walk out into the hall and the lunchroom is sighted.
I go into the lunchroom and put my stuff down.
Then my face turns into a frown.

Ilooked at the line and it was 30 feet long.
As i got on it i knew it wasn't going to be gone.
The line inched closer and closer as i waited for my food.
Now that i got to lunch i was in the perfect mood.

As i keep inching closer i think about what i am going to eat.
I hope i don't get stuck with the disgusting meat.
I look at my money and i have four.
As i go to order there is no more.

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