The Ticket

October 17, 2008
My friends and I were planning on getting ready to go/ It going to be a great rock and roll show/ We all purchased our tickets a very long time ago/ the anticipation was great; it will be worth the dough.// I selected my clothes and put them on my bedroom floor/ And I hung my favorite shirt up on my bedroom door/ There were lots of choices of my favorite rock group's gear/ before I realized it my friends were already here.// I rushed in and rushed out of the shower and combed my hair/ My disgruntled father was going to chauffer us there/ We unlocked the car thinking we were all ready to go/ But then wer remembered we had to pick up Joe and Mo.// By the time we picked up Joe and Mo we were running late/ We also had to stop and pick up my beautiful date/ Once we picked up my date the car was packed full to the brim/ i didn't think we were going to make it, I was feeling quite grim.// By the time we reached the arena everyone was so sore/ Everyone was so anxious to open the car door/ We all sprinted through the parking lot to get to the gate/ There were lots of fans in front of us there was going to be a long wait.// We moved extremley slowly up to the head of the line/ It was almost time to hand in the ticket that was mine/ I checked eacho of my pockets and down on the floor/ The ticket I had forgotten when i walked out the door.// With me not having my ticket they would not let me in/ At eight O'Clock the concert was just about to begin/ Oh how i begged and pleaded but it was to no avail/ My attempt to convince the attendant was doomed to fail.// I waited so long for the day of the concert to come/ By forgetting my ticket at home I felt so dumb/ I walked slowly back to my dad's car quite sad and alone/ The only way I would hear the concert was on my cell phone.// A very valuable lesson i did learn today/ It does not matter for a ticket how much you do pay/ If you forget your ticket you won't get in anyway/ So please take this lesson from me I learned it the hard way.

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