The Winner

October 17, 2008
Now I know he went off somewhere, that tricky little guy,/
It's just too much to take, for I'm simply a little fly./
The world is shaking around me as my wings push and push./
Perhaps, perhaps, I hope, I hope, there's shelter in this bush.//

It's just the right size for me to fit; the leaf and its stem./
I know he'll never see me; I'll get out soon, but when?/
The leaves around me barely rustle, the wind hushes me still,/
But now I swear, I swear I'll do it, it's time I wish to kill.//

That mean old cat will stride on by and strike me with his paw./
Yes, it's true, I know it, for just the other day I saw,/
That mean old house cat walking by, just killing everything,/
But now I must run, for I what I hear is that tiny "ping".//

Out of the bush, don't catch me I beg, your bell it sounds so close./
The one on your collar that shimmers and mystically glows./
It warns me that you are near to me, and all that I love,/
This farm, this air, and even those children that push and shove.//

I want, I want, I need, I need, to get out of this alive./
The other bugs want to see me; they want to see me thrive./
I hear you chirps of happiness as you jump and run this way./
I'll swerve around and trick you; I'll fly in cirlces all day.//

"Ring, ring, ring," taunts you collar's bell as I fly away/
The rooftop is closer now, I'll land on that and stay./
Swipe! But your paw has already gotten to my left wing,/
Oh but just a few more feet and I'll be crowned the king//

Of this game we play, the fly, the cat, to escape another day./
Onto the roof I landed! But now you've gone astray?/
Where did you head off to cat? Why is your roof climbing late?/
Im safe now atlast, so easy was my flight, but wait;//

"Ring, ring, ring," I watch you head off to your dinner plate./
I've lasted this day and the feeling was well worth the wait./
I've won against you house cat, now I'm off ton fly and play./
But in the blueness above, a robin soon gest his way.//

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