October 17, 2008
By Kyler Griffin, Southplainfeild, NJ

There's a family with a special baby boy/This little baby boy had always wanted a nice toy/ The father had journyed out to buy the nice game/But the little toy he had brought home was very very lame// So the boy was very angry, his father promised the game/he tried to consol his son,tried to make him tame/but soon the son lashed out in anger at his father/ The child/s misfourtune quicly became a real bother// So the father had retaliated with punishment/ So much anger came over the petite adolescent/he stormed off up the stairs into his room while he wept/the father did not understand so he did intercept// The mother was upstairs in his room making his bed/ while all of a sudden a thought popped in her head/she would go and tell the son he was being very bad/ he had broken the gift he had gotten from his own dad// The very young six year old boy was way to fast for them/ now into the parents bed room and stole a precious gem/ Little Jimmy ran and ran and ran to the open window/ Knocking down all of the mother's eyshadow// The mother, her name is Mal, shreiked shrilly in fear/ The scream was so loud even all of the neighbors could hear/ Vincent the dad ran out the door and tried to cath the son/ even at the son's age easily the fater he did out run// The son was off quickly now on his way to his best buddies/ never again will the child ever atend his studies/ so as he ran full force down the middle of the black street/ Kevin, the neighbor, his car caused Jim's trip to end's meet

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