Racing the Clock

October 17, 2008
By Victoria McKay, South Plainfield, NJ

Oh jeez my alarm rings it is seven thirty two./ Now I am late it has to be me, god is it true?/ There is no time to even get ready I have to walk./ No time for makeup, no time for hair, no time to talk./

It is time for me to leave to get to where I need to./ Have to be on time or I'll be part of the OD crew./ Walking throught the park at seven forty there's hope at last./ Birds flying the park deserted oh how the time has past./

Now I see the school oh no it's seven fifty-three, I could make it, it's possible no I can't you will see./ There is the door so close but so far away maybe I'll make it./Legs pumping faster I need to get to my seat and sit./

Oh god no I do not even have my books for class yet./ Running now I have to get to my locker hope it's set./ Man oh no two minutes left not even at my locker./ So much to carry I have like ten books what a shocker./

One minute left and there is the door I'm two steps away./ Finally I am here not late looks like I didn't play./ I step into the door just as the bell is ringing./ It is so perfect inside of my head I am singing./

Looking at the faces none of them do I even know./ Just then I realize it's period two wow am I slow./ My watch must have been an hour slow what am I to do? As I looked all around everything turned blue.

Then I hear a ring and realize it's my alarm clock. The number it reads is eight isn't that a big shock?/ Such a bad dream why did it have to be completely true. Now I'm late I'll be part of that awful OD crew.

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