The Day I Took First

October 17, 2008
My very first gymnastics meet./I hope I land on my feet./Here we go my first event./I hope I wind up getting a good score.//

But oh no I have forgotten my next skill./The routine was going threw my head like a drill./I could have sworn I rememberd it./I wish I played basketball so all I could remember is my mitt.//

After floor came uneven bars./I hope I stick my flyawaymy coach told me to shoot my feet up to the stars./YES! I stuck my routine./I did so good i was like a machine.//

My next event is balance beam./This was my hardest event I was so nervous i just wanted to scream./I jumped onto the beam everything went well./ But then I took a step on my dismount it was like someone put me on a spell.//

After vault the meet was done./ I received a 9.3 on vault and won./ After all I did good maybe next time I shouldent be as nervous and scared./I should have been more prepared.//

Now everyone is waiting for awards to be said./I hope tjhey hurry so I cant taste sally's moms new banana bread./The woman says and and in first place is Marcella!/ I was in shock my head started to hurt and my stomach ached it was almost like I caught salmonella.//
Last award of the meet was all around./ So far I was doing well hopefully I wont leace here witha frown./The woman announced first place all around goes to Marcella!/I grabbed my trophy ran to my family and they said good job bella!

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