The Big Sale

October 17, 2008
By Kimberly Tran, South Plainfield, NJ

The sale at the store will be the day after tomorrow./Oh mother, I hope that I really won't be too sorrow./If I am, I will regret that the mall will be open./I will run super fast and be jolly as a token.// Morning is a long way to come for tonight, as I paint./Oh boy, I feel a little lightheaded like I might faint./So, I counted up my money to see if I had enough./But I needed to calm down a bit, and try to look tough.//As I slept, I twisted and turned while waiting for morning./I had a dream and it felt like I had a big warning./I woke up a lot, so I tried hard to go back to sleep./I couldn't sleep after the dream so I counted some sheep.//It was eight o'clock when I got up, so I got ready./I brushed my teeth, and then I ate and said hi to Freddy./I unlocked my magenta car door and got in to drive./The music started to blast loud and I felt so alive.//I drove to the mall and got out of my car feeling good./When i got there I ran and thought I was misunderstood./I tripped down the escalator, and my poor ankle broke./I was so close to the store, this had to be a big joke.//I asked a man to carry me to the store after that./I felt like my ankle just got hit with a baseball bat./This lady in the store was holding my beautiful purse./The look on her face was like a terrible nasty nurse.//I grabbed the strap and it felt like it was going to rip./I got disapointed and mad, so I bit my pink lip./The lady went to pay for the purse and my face turned pale./The cashier laughed and told her that next Saturday's the sale!

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