Trouble With Security

October 17, 2008
By Gina Longo, South Plainfield, NJ

I was waiting patiently to see my favorite band./ PNC Bank Art Center is where i had to stand./ And when we finally got there as there shadows start to show./ I hoped that they would see me as I was sitting third row.//

I listend and took photograhps as they sang my favorite song./While we saw them come closer we danced and sang alog./ I watched the night get darker and saw the moon come out./ Kevin through his gutiar pick to me so then i decided to shout.//

As i enjoyed my concert for my favorite band./ I looked back and saw everyone sitting in the stands./ As Nick sang his song about what he hand been through./ My friend said to me, man that could have been you.//

And half way through the concert a security guard came down./ He siad we must leave, we were sining to loud./ Me and Krista thought to ourselves and new that can't be why./ I looked at her and she was a tear roll down my eye.//

And as the security guard took us around and about./ We looked quickly and saw their photographer come out./ We knew this photographer that's how we got in./ He started fighting with the security guard and we hoped that he would win.//
As the fighting continued we told them to just stop./ For the concert was half over and all our hopes had droped./ We hoped of meeting them and their little brother too./ And when Todd took us backstage maby that dream would come true.//

Once again our hopes were too high and maby it was true./ I said to Krista i don't think i was ment to meet them and neither were you./ As Todd took us home and we left PNC;/
Everything had disappeared not one memory for me.//

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