Great Adventure

October 17, 2008
By Kenny Crilley, South Plainfield, NJ

I've been wanting to take a trip to an amusement park./
We've decided to go to Six Flags before its dark./
Driving through the parking lot trying to find a free space./
To everyone it is very hard to find a great place.//
As we begin to walk into the park we stop and stare./
Looking around seeing apples, bananas, and a pear./
Starting to walk around not knowing where everything is found./
We are lost and not knowing where we are to be around.//
We now look around and find this really huge map right here./
We will choose which ride is the best to go on that's near./
Picking out the best ride for us to go on now is easy./
I hope this ride won't make any of us extremely queasy.//
Now we proceeded to wait in line for EL Toro to begin./
When it's my turn I will get the chance to take a fast spin./
I see that the line for El Toro is extremley long./
I am hoping that this line will be moving quickly along./
We are only a few people away from the front now./
Once I'm at the front I know I will say wow./
Right in front and when the people are off we go on./
I can here the person behind me screaming hey Ron.//
We are now moving up and finding somewhere to sit./
We are going up on the ride and it is very well lit./Now we are going up on the ride and it is very well lit./ Now we are alsomst at the top and I am cheerful.//
We have reached the very top of the rollercoaster ride./
When we all saw were at the top we all almost cried./
So I decided that I would send a text to my friend Rex./
We had no clue what would be happening next./

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